A team of interim managers covers vacancies in a Spanish multinational group The Context The client company produces mechanical components for the automotive industry. It

Problem A multinational chemical company is facing a complex and challenging transformation of its business model following the adoption of new production technology. One of

The problem The client is an engineering company specializing in the production of automotive components using iron castings. It is part of a multinational Spanish

The Situation An Austrian company producing packaging for the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries was facing mounting problems at its Slovakian production plant. Costs were

Bühler Henryk case study The Situation After the HR manager of a family-run, international business in Germany left, the company’s leaders decided not to refill

The Situation A mechanical engineering company in Austria, with an annual turnover of €47m, was facing spiralling product costs, mounting quality problems and a breakdown

The Situation The owner of a private commercial holding was looking to launch a new dental clinic in Prague, Czech Republic. The Solution IXPA member

The Situation Amid fast-paced growth, a leading French distribution company with a €2bn turnover wanted to alleviate some of the current CFO’s workload by creating

The Situation Following an acquisition by an international company, a traditional Taiwan mechanical manufacturing firm was experiencing leadership and management issues, resulting in a high

The Situation Last March, the founder and owner of a municipal hospital dismissed the current management based on his findings and appointed Ivan Oliva, crisis