IXPA Interim Management

A stronger, more strategic HR team for a family-run business

Bühler Henryk case study

The Situation

After the HR manager of a family-run, international business in Germany left, the company’s leaders decided not to refill the position. Instead, they decided to strengthen the existing team and to critically examine existing HR processes and practices. For some time, work had been completed manually and in an inconsistent way, which was slow, tedious, error-prone and led to internal tensions.

The Solution

The firm recognised the need for an HR expert to guide them through this crucial phase, so asked IXPA partner Bühler Management for support.

Bühler put forward Henryk, a passionate HR leader with extensive international experience, who specialises in process optimisation, change management and talent development.

Initially, the project involved coaching the HR team, assessing how the function was perceived and examining what it could do to better support the business. From this, it was clear HR was seen as purely an administrative function and needed to become more strategic and add greater value. 

Three areas for improvement were identified for Henryk to focus on, including clarifying team members’ responsibilities, improving performance management and empowering supervisors. Working closely with the team and through a series of workshops, Henryk was able to put in place the various solutions and processes needed to address these issues.  

The Outcome

Thanks to Henryk, the company now benefits from a much stronger, more skillful, and more strategic HR team that works more independently and professionally. Clearer responsibilities have led to better collaborations, while standardised processes and easy-to-use tools have created greater efficiencies.

Supervisors are now better trained and are showing stronger leadership, and there’s a much more structured and transparent performance-management programme in place. In less than four months, the improvement project has delivered a positive return on investment. 

The Client Says:

“With Henryk’s support, we now have a modern, professional, state-of-the-art HR function that plays a vital strategic role in our company.”

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