Business Meeting

Interim Change Management for Restructuring and Turnaround

The Situation

IXPA was contacted by an international market leader in ventilation, drive systems and associated control engineering. Headquartered in Germany but operating globally, our client has 3,550 employees across 16 production sites, 27 companies and 97 sales offices. Its French subsidiary employs 150 people and needed a complete restructuring under plans to stop production of old electric motors while, at the same time, building up a special ventilator line to service their subsidiaries worldwide.

The Solution

Our partner IMS selected a very experienced French national with business level English and German to act as an interim manager. The candidate specialized in restructuring, change management and turnaround in complex industrial companies. Because of the nature of the process, close co-operation with the unions was required in drawing up a social plan covering arrangements and provision for personnel. The interim manager had wide-ranging expertise in French labor administration, social plans and negotiation of crisis situations. Target-oriented methods and leadership development were implemented to help personnel adapt. The management structure, resources and processes were also adjusted.

The Outcome

The French subsidiary was successfully converted into a global competence center for development, manufacture and sales. Old production facilities were removed, and new production lines introduced within time and budget. The social plan was approved by all stakeholders including unions without a single strike day.