Interim division manager for manufacturing restructuring project in France

The Situation

When a leading international manufacturing company required an interim manager for one of its product divisions, IXPA’s partner in France, ACTISS, was called on for help.

The company is a recognized leader in its sector, and the division we were called in to support with manufacturing restructuring specialised in products for the residential and tertiary sectors. The division accounted for 20% of the group’s total turnover and offered significant potential for growth.

The group needed the division to be running smoothly, with its product launches fully planned and all products produced to a high standard and on time.

The Solution

IXPA’s partner in France, ACTISS, began by establishing a thorough analysis of the current situation, including quality issues already reported to the team. The interim manager identified those areas performing poorly and introduced measures to deliver rapid improvement, with a focus on budgets, results and forecasts.

A rigorous follow-up procedure was established for product development, prioritising product release and introducing a system to analyse the causes of any delays and failures.

Recognising tensions within the team, the interim manager identified team members’ fears about the upcoming reorganisation and spent time addressing negativity. He worked alongside team members to establish their skills and ensure they were used to best effect through the reorganization.

Throughout the process, the interim manager continued to run the division and to report to the group management committee both monthly and quarterly.

The Outcome

Through the support of the interim manager, the company established a more effective way of working, eliminating production delays and delivering outstanding results to customers.

Team members in the division were motivated to focus on meeting the division’s objectives and producing the best results possible.

The economic targets set for the division were reached before the project concluded, delivering outstanding growth and profitability.

This six-month project was then extended by five months, allowing the interim manager to develop the division even further and focus on quality products delivered without delays.