Problem Solving

Interim IT Director to Introduce New ERP System

The Situation

We were contacted by 2-Ply Garment Co Ltd, a luxury cashmere garment manufacturer. Its headquarters are in Switzerland and it has a factory in Suzhou, China. It was in need of an Interim IT Director to Introduce a new ERP system (enterprise resource planning) to enable the business to operate more effectively.

The Solution

While our task was to specify and deliver a new ERP system, we recognized from the outset that it was important to have the IT infrastructure in place first. We appointed an interim IT director for the client who began by bringing the IT systems up to scratch before introducing the ERP system, working with management and IT team members to ensure stability. His work also included rolling out the ERP system across the client’s sites, as well as ensuring all staff were trained to use it properly, and support was in place for routine maintenance.

The Outcome

Significant efficiency savings have been made through effective use of the new ERP system. Productivity has increased by 30% while system downtime has been significantly reduced through improvements to the IT infrastructure as a whole. IT team members are able to support the whole business more effectively and respond to issues quickly to keep production on track. Since completing the project, our interim has been appointed by the client as director of information technology on a permanent basis.

“The interim’s prior experience of the IT industry and working here in China mean the project ran smoothly and to budget. The use of an interim manager is exactly what our company required to ensure the project is a cost-effective success.”

General manager Geoff Newman