Start Up

Interim Management Supports Start-Up Growth in Brazil

The Situation

Brazil’s start-up economy is booming with investment in new companies in São Paulo quadrupling in the past two years. IXPA’s partner in Brazil, iManagementBrazil, has handled several consulting and interim management projects for Brazilian start-up companies in various industrial sectors during this period. In each case, the support was provided in the form of a mixed role encompassing the responsibilities of Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and consultant.

The Solution

iManagementBrazil knows the start-up sector in Brazil really well and is closely involved with incubation centers, investors and founders. By understanding the unique challenges of businesses at the beginning of their economic journey, iManagementBrazil has provided highly targeted advice to support growth and encourage investment in the start-ups it has worked with.

The venture capital market in São Paulo is vibrant and this is encouraging an entrepreneurial spirit with some exciting fledgling businesses emerging. IXPA’s partner iManagementBrazil has been able to advise its start-up clients on putting the right structure in place to attract funding, developing a robust business plan and exploring potential markets.

The three start-up projects undertaken by IXPA’s partner in Brazil in the past 24 months demonstrate the globally capabilities of IXPA.  In two cases the investors were from outside Brazil – one in Israel and one in Russia. Our understanding of global markets and network of experts around the world means we are well placed to understand the perspective and priorities of foreign investors and to share our local economic expertise.

The Results

Start-ups rarely have their own CFO and by using interim support the young companies that have been supported by iManagementBrazil have been able to stand out from the crowd, attracting interest from investors and developing a strategic approach to growth. As the start-up ecosystem evolves in Brazil, particularly in São Paulo, IXPA’s partner in Brazil will be able to use its experience with start-ups to help more entrepreneurs establish their businesses with a firm plan for success.

IXPA is looking forward to supporting similar cross-border projects that draw on the large project experience of our partners around the world in different industries. Thanks to our imaginative and hands-on approach we differ from many traditional consulting firms which simply advise and leave the clients to implement and execute the plan.