Interim Manager Ensures Delivery of Enabled Business Change

The Situation

The board of a listed support services business was growing concerned that action needed to be taken to bring about transformational change across multiple business systems.

The organisation approached IXPA to ensure action was taken to bring about the changes required. The board had already worked with change consultants to address the issues but had found that advice and recommendations had been given but the responsibility for action and delivery had been left to the business itself.

The Solution

Williams Bain, IXPA’s partner in the UK, worked with the organisation to implement the advice that had previously been provided by the consultants. The recommendation had been to move multiple ERP systems on to one platform, and this needed to be carried out in a way that would be accepted throughout the business.

Williams Bain appointed an ERP transformation expert, who first of all conducted a discovery phase which identified the most appropriate tier one vendor and systems integrator for the task. With support from the CIO, a blueprint solution for the business was drawn up. This provided the board with the fine detail of how the business structure would need to change if it was to align with the move to a single ERP platform. The level of detail provided by the interim manager complemented the trust in him that had been built up and the knowledge of his expertise and ability. This enabled the board to agree the solution and approve the business case, knowing that our interim transformation expert would manage the timeframes and costs well, and that all decisions would be made with the business interests in mind and with an eye on delivery results quickly.

The Outcome

After being drawn up by the interim transformation manager, the detailed programme plan was then handed over to a permanent member of staff who would lead its delivery for their organization. Williams Bain also worked in partnership with a large management consultancy which provided assurance services throughout the period of change in order to maintain the executive board’s confidence that maximum shareholder value would be delivered.

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