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Interim Supply Chain Manager to Support Critical Growth


When a medical equipment manufacturer in the USA faced the departure of its long time supply chain manager at a critical time of growth IXPA was called upon to source a proven heavyweight interim executive manager.


We chose an interim supply chain manager specifically for her  strong turnaround, organizational, and process skills. Her first task as interim supply chain manager was to identify any risks associated with rapid growth and set about preventing them. Processes were introduced to avoid product shortages and supplier issues during transition and stabilize purchasing and operational processes. Stabilizing and communicating with personnel was a key part of the interim executive manager’s role during this placement.


A visual Kanban replenishment process was put into place for 90% of the parts required to support the major product line at the site with the greatest material shortage. Kanban replenishment tools and process were re-established for material replenishment of a second major product line at the other business site resulting in a 74% reduction in production ‘line down’ shortages and a 19% improvement to customer on-time delivery. Accelerated resolution was implemented for all international supply chain issues impacting production and those projected to be an issue in the coming quarter. The interim manager initiated actions to qualify alternate sources for critical long-term supply risks and assisted in hiring and overlapping with the new permanent supply chain leader.