Interim Transition Manager for Sales Growth

The Situation

An international cosmetics group with its base in France came to IXPA with an ambitious sales growth plan and a need for an interim transition manager. The company approached IXPA to help its Austrian and German subsidiary establish the company in the best beauty institutes in the two countries. This would be achieved by strengthening the managerial sales teams and providing business support to develop and grow the subsidiary.

The Solution

ACTISS, the IXPA partner in France, sourced an experienced German interim transition manager to act as an interim sales manager, organizing the operations and managing the sales teams. He worked with our client’s associate director to assess the situation and create a three-point action plan. The plan aimed to organize, structure and streamline the sales process. It proposed improving time management by identifying and focusing on key clients. And, crucially, it detailed activity which would transform the sales team into experts in finding and developing new business.

The Outcome

In just three months, commercial development activity has doubled, the number of new accounts has accelerated, and the portfolio of key clients is projected to increase around 25% in a year. Sales representatives now spend 50% of their time exploring new business opportunities, compared to 20% barely a few months ago.