IXPA are building stronger relationships during a period of change

The Situation

Following an acquisition by an international company, a traditional Taiwan mechanical manufacturing firm was experiencing leadership and management issues, resulting in a high turnover of sales VPs.

The current sales VP was also facing problems – with distrust building between himself and the existing, long-standing management team. The team was regularly filing complaints with the parent company.

As they identified a needing to get to the root of the problem, they looked to implement change management, the parent company asked IXPA partner 5070 Consulting Co to provide an interim HR director. The objectives for the interim manager were to investigate employee concerns and help the sales VP build better relationships within the management team.

The Solution

IXPA’s partner 5070 Consulting Co selected a highly experienced local HR consultant with over 30 years experience in HR management and organisational design. The interim director interviewed the management team to understand their concerns, building an accurate picture of what was actually happening. He then shadow managed the VP, earning his trust, coaching him on how to change his leadership style, and working towards consensus with the managers. The interim director also refined and updated policies and work rules to align with the parent company.

The Outcome

Within just a few months, the interim director has successfully overseen significant cultural change. He’s helped the sales VP modify his approach and fostered better relationships between the VP and the management team. There are now much greater levels of trust and respect.

The interim director has aligned workplace policies and introduced a new employee handbook while providing a vital and objective link between Taiwan and the parent company.

The Client Says:

“The Interim HR Director was instrumental in stopping a period of high churn within our operational base in Taiwan. Our sales performance would have been seriously impacted if it was not for this intervention.”

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