Operational Marketing Executive for Business Expansion

The Situation

Our client operates in the chemical industry, providing compound powder for construction. Development of an innovative system, offering automated, computerized and flexible production, enabled it to offer a full range of services and deliver on-demand powder products. To enable the business to expand, marketing and commercial support was needed to enable the management to bring the business to new supply chain partners.

The Solution

IXPA brought in an operational marketing executive with a track record of more than 10 years in business development for international construction material businesses. He led the client’s communications team to carry out branding research and development to give a comprehensive analysis of the target market and the client’s position compared to its competitors. This enabled him to support the team in preparing for future development and resolving supply gaps in order to boost growth and prepare for internationalization. Through this work, he laid the groundwork for future development on a sound footing.

The Outcome

As well as designing a new brand and creating the supporting commercial communications, we created a specific division within the business to achieve its aims. Through IXPA’s partner, Actiss Italia, we offered extensive knowledge of the market which led to direct access to key international accounts which had until then been unavailable. Over a period of 12 months, we enabled the client to achieve an international structure and diversification potential, with its products tested and ready for new markets. This created 300% growth in the company’s turnover.