Business Meeting

Restructuring and growth strategy for energy management business in Abidjan

The Situation

An energy management company in Abidjan, the capital of Africa’s Ivory Coast, was part of a larger group that was planning rapid expansion. The company works with organizations to control their utility costs by managing their energy and water consumption and implementing efficiency solutions. Their role also has a positive impact on their clients’ environmental impact.

IXPA’s partner in Africa, Actiss, has significant experience in helping businesses implement strategic roadmaps to achieve strong and structured development, particularly during periods of significant change. The parent group commissioned Actiss Africa to restructure its energy management business in Abidjan to facilitate future growth.

The Solution

Actiss Africa deployed its strategy methodology to establish a practical road map. A manager within the organization was appointed transition manager, working with Actiss to introduce new systems and reporting processes.

Actiss Africa worked alongside staff at the company to evaluate the supply chain, define sales objectives and introduce an effective CRM system. A business plan was developed with relevant KPIs.

The second phase saw the introduction of a weekly review of sales operations looking at the sales pipeline and activity of each salesperson.

The final phase of the project focused on accelerating growth. This involved joining up objectives with the parent group and implementing the tools adapted during the planning stages, including Gantt production control measures, sales forecasts and project management.

The Outcome

The energy management company in Abidjan is now well-structured, autonomous and sustainable with will make the development goals of its parent organization highly achievable.

As well as creating a solid business that is positioned for growth, Actiss Africa has introduced new sales strategies which include premium value-added solutions with high profit margins and strong growth potential.