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Senior Interim Project Manager for Growth and Transition Management

The Situation

ArcelorMittal, a leading supplier of steels and solutions to the global automotive industry, had a need for a senior interim project manager to support strategic growth and expansion. Multiple projects had been identified by the company as part of its growth strategy including investment in new equipment, staff training and the construction of a new factory.

The Solution

IXPA partner Experts@Business identified a senior project manager with strong transition management, process development and training skills and significant experience in overseeing the design and build of large scale projects. His first task was to project manage the development of new a high tech piece of equipment and integrate it into a fully automated production process in factories in Belgium, Turkey and the USA. Part of this project involved the systematic training of personnel in the use of the new machinery and the introduction of manufacturing systems and processes to optimise productivity. Finally, our interim project manager oversaw the construction of a 10,000 sq m greenfield factory in Slovakia and the installation of equipment purchased from a closed plant in Belgium.

The Outcome

Our interim project manager made a number of enhancements to the production process ahead of installation of the new machinery to improve quality control, sustainability and the ability to meet production deadlines. By restructuring the way new contracts were fed into the system he was able to increase efficiency by more than 20% and reduce lead time. These processes were introduced throughout the business, including at the new site in Slovakia once completed. As well as achieving delivery of all strategic projects on time and within budget he was able to improve productivity, reduce operating costs and set systems in place to continually develop the skills of the workforce.