Change Management

Transforming a struggling packaging facility

The Situation

An Austrian company producing packaging for the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries was facing mounting problems at its Slovakian production plant. Costs were rising and the team couldn’t keep up with all the new projects, leading to losses, quality defects, delivery problems and customer complaints.

The Solution

The site, which employed around 100 people, needed a complete reorganisation but lacked the management expertise to achieve it. The firm turned to IXPA partner Bühler Management, which put forward an experienced change leader as interim managing director and plant manager. The candidate had the necessary skills, experience and temperament to implement the turnaround plan and stabilise the company.

During his nine months in charge, the interim manager introduced more effective production planning, made the supply chain more efficient, streamlined the product portfolio, eliminated delivery backlogs, replaced key managers, introduced new KPIs and strengthened the waste-reduction programme. 

The Outcome

With the new measures in place, the company’s margins grew significantly and greatly improved in areas such as waste rates, line speeds, set-up times, productivity and delivery. At the end of the manager’s contract, EBITDA was positive and above budget, leaving the company in much better shape for the future. 

The Client Says:

“We can honestly say that if it wasn’t for the new measures that the interim put in place, our site would no longer exist.”

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