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Bridge the Gap with Interim Management.

1st Executive is a Melbourne based Interim Management, Executive Search and Management Consulting firm serving clients across Australia, New Zealand and overseas.

In the volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world of managing the investment in people and talent, change is challenging. Our own published research shows that an unintended consequence of introducing change initiatives is that most internally driven, cross team projects fail to meet objectives! The direct and opportunity cost of this is enormous.

Interim Management represents a custom designed ‘fast start’ opportunity for companies to execute change, new strategies, new initiatives and a host of other business execution challenges – without adding to permanent executive employee numbers.

Australia and New Zealand have some of the best conditions to allow interim management to thrive. Health insurance is available personally, working independently is encouraged, tax laws support independence and employment law means that new permanent hires need to be very carefully considered before proceeding.

Our focus is on delivering the over-qualified, wise executive to introduce, implement and sustain change.

Andrew Thoseby is a strategic thinker and business executive with 30 years of executive corporate and entrepreneurial experience across retail, services, manufacturing, marketing, automotive, fmcg, consumer durables, IT and T, internet, entertainment, not for profit, government, consumer electronics and sports sponsorship and administration. Has worked extensively across EMEA, The USA, South East Asia and the Pacific as well as Australia and New Zealand.

Andrew Thoseby

Andrew Thoseby

CEO & Director


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