Founded in 2000, FarStar services a wide variety customers across Canada.

Our senior interim management team has been hand-picked from a wide array of manufacturing industries, including aerospace, defense, electronics, and industrial products. Most boast more than 25 years of highly-relevant experience in areas that also include distribution, services, and biotechnology. We offer the kind of know-how that can only be obtained via real-life experience with public, private, and family-run businesses. Several of our representatives are also members in good standing of the Institute of Corporate Directors ( and are currently offering their guidance and expertise as participants on a variety of company boards.

Our skills cover multinational, international, and multi-site organizations with a need for senior management oversight as well as private and public company board participation that includes direct involvement with committees, strategy, operations and supply chain improvement, financial management, and accounting.

We bring our expert perspective to your business.

About Stephen

Stephen Cherlet is the President and founder of FarStar. Over the span of his professional career he as worked in in engineering, manufacturing, quality, matériel, information technology, manufacturing technology, project management, and lean transformation. Stephen’s primary background is in aerospace, defence, electronics, and industrial products manufacturing.

He draws on more than 35 years of industrial experience, including 5 as a C-level executive in a publicly traded company and 5 years as a supply chain and global manufacturing consultant. Set a time to talk with Stephen via Zoom.

Stephen Cherlet

Stephen Cherlet



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