Resolving operational or industrial challenges, launching new activities, monitor restructuring or securing M&As is what our interim managers do best. Based in Paris since 2008, Wayden operates state of the art missions in executive interim management across France.

As a partner of excellence, Wayden helps companies reach new heights at decisive moments, achieving fast, effective, and quantifiable results. Perfectly aligned with today’s agile way of working, Wayden offers real flexibility to clients wishing to transform people, systems and processes.

Our team members come from the corporate world where they’ve all held positions in operational management meaning that your account manager will have first-hand knowledge of company challenges. Then, teaming up with the chosen seasoned executive interim manager, they practice their discipline in the most pragmatic, direct and efficient way possible.

Benoit Durand-Tisnes

Benoit DURAND-TISNES, 51, is a French Business School Graduate (ISG in Paris). Before founding Wayden, he worked in large international companies providing services in engineering and technologies.

Benoit created Wayden, a specialist provider of Interim Executive Management, for one simple reason: to embrace the human element. On the one hand, he is committed to helping women and men achieve fulfilling and totally open professional experiences. On the other, it’s important for him to be able to offer companies the human support they need to reach new strategic heights with total peace of mind.

My personality: Leader, courageous, curious, caring, fair, demanding
The values I live and work by: Rectitude, performance, competitivity, thrill, refinement, pleasure, sharing

Benoit Durand-Tisnes

Benoit Durand-Tisnès

Managing Director


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