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Contract Manager s.r.l. was founded in Milan in 1989 with the aim of providing a new and original solution to company management problems through the involvement of interim managers of great experience and professionalism.

There are two factors, coming from our history which make Contract Manager unique:

  1. The ability to analyse and diagnose business problems; this experience comes from the several hundred assignments we have managed in Italy and abroad
  2. The ability to single out the most suitable managers for assignments; this comes from a working model created and constantly fine-tuned over the last 30 years in which we have managed complex change management assignments.

We specialize in solving management problems, we are a reliable partner for our clients who appreciate our fast response to their requests and the efficiency of our assignments.

We have managed hundreds of assignments in all industrial sectors in Italy as well as abroad for International corporates and Italian owned large, medium and small- medium sized companies.

We are specialists in the supply of interim managers (general management, functional management, project management) and we have our own trusted team of managers. We work as a team and we take responsibility for the results. We also offer an executive search service.

Our core team is made up of 6 partners and 20 senior managers who work continuously with us. We have over 7.500 profiles of experienced interim managers stored in our database.

We have the authorization from the Italian Ministry of Labour for personnel research in Italy.

Angelo Vergani graduated in Business Economics at Bocconi University in Milan and worked as a professor and tutor for the SDA Bocconi Business School. For several years he was an executive consultant in Cast, where he also worked as General Manager. He has managed several turnaround projects within service companies. In 1989 he founded Contract Manager s.r.l. and so pioneered temporary management in Italy. He’s written various books about management.

Angelo Vergani

Angelo Vergani



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