Having the right talent to meet financial and growth performance targets is a top priority for C-level executives. MetaExperts offers an ‘overnight’ solution to top-talent operational roles from the CEO or CFO level down through key operating roles in Supply Chain, Procurement, Quality, Engineering, Continuous Improvement and Program Management.

MetaExperts, founded in 2013, specializes in providing the most Difficult-to-Find, ‘Top Talent’ resources, on a short-term contract or contract to hire basis.

Our MetaExperts

Operational Excellence (OpEx) professionals become MetaExperts by invitation only. MetaExperts undergo a rigorous 300+ point evaluation process to ensure our clients receive the skills and expertise they need for the outcomes they seek.

There are MetaExperts living in 42 contiguous US States, Canada, Mexico and in South America.   And there are 800+ certified MetaExperts in 26 Countries to fill “Top Talent” Roles to make your strategies live and breathe in execution.

When you need talent to “Get It Done”, you need MetaExperts.

About Ron

Ron Crabtree is the CEO of MetaExperts. He is an expert in planning, teaching and implementing organizational transformation including best practices in process improvement, sales & marketing, organizational change management, Lean Six Sigma and Supply Chain.

He draws on more than 35 years’ experience in implementing “best practice” methodologies as both an insider and as a consultant in many international industries. Ron is a published author and co-author of five OpEx books. Set a time to talk with Ron and meet via Zoom.

Ron Crabtree

Ron Crabtree



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