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Experts@Business 🇧🇪

Portrait of Danielle Binnemans; IXPA Partner Belgien
Daniëlle Binnemans
Managing Partner

Experts@Business was founded in 2008 and is a partnership of experts who joined forces covering all diciplines. Experts@Business helps companies to improve their performance by providing human capital, skills, knowledge and expertise. Experts@Business offers cross-sector and cross-functional services in business advice and executive interim management.

  1. Consulting and pragmatic advice from experienced experts with an open mind. Thanks to their professional experience in a wide range of organizations and industries, our experts are a valuable sounding board when solidifying your business goals. They give advice to shareholders and executive managers at SMEs and large companies.
  2. Executive interim management. Experts@Business has a network of highly experienced professionals with fresh ideas who challenge the status quo, work with an open mind and do what needs to be done. Our flexible managers are highly qualified in the following areas : Transfer of ownership, Corporate Governance, Strategic Advice, Change Management, Mergers and acquisitions, International trade, Corporate Finance, Human Resources and business development, Sales, Marketing and Communications, ICT Management, Production, Engineering, Supply Chain Management, Logistics.

Daniëlle Binnemans is managing partner and one of the founders of Experts@Business. Previously, she held various executive positions in companies such as Amersham Biosciences Benelux,  PMAdvice executive interim management and the Antilope Group. Daniëlle has a sparkling personality with a clear view on leadership and entrepreneurship.

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Experts@Business bvba
Pegasuslaan 5
1831 Diegem/Brussels

Mobile: +32 477 35.64.64

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