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What is Interim Management?

Definition of Interim Management

Interim management has become widely accepted as a key part of the executive board member’s toolkit, introducing transformational leadership experts to manage periods of business critical change. Interim managers are often called delivery consultants, transitional managers, independent professionals or transformation directors. Whichever term you prefer, interim managers should be board level executives or board influencing executives who solve problems and deliver specific outcomes.

The Hiring Process

Gap Analysis

The business identifies a challenge or resource gap. Even if the solution is not clear at this stage, we can begin to analyse your interim needs by determining your current issues and desired outcome.

Interim Manager Shortlist

Our depth of experience means we can quickly identify with your business issues and compile a shortlist of suitable interim managers with the capabilities to deliver your desired outcome. Their experience will range from delivering transitional management solutions through to filling management gaps.

Meeting the Interim Manager

The interim manager will be introduced to the board member with responsibility for sponsoring change management. The meeting will take the form of a discussion about the business issues and the interim manager will be asked to give specific anecdotal examples of where they have improved results and delivered sustainable change.

Setting Objectives

The board member or budget holder will then agree with the interim manager and IXPA a set of objectives for the interim manager to deliver. The interim manager will ensure that they deliver transitional management with internationalisation in mind and they will always be respectful of the business structure and culture.

Interim Management Services IXPA delivers

Gap fill management whilst you recruit a permanent employee

Organisations from time to time will need an interim manager to replace a director level employee that is no longer with their company. IXPA can facilitate this through a typical recruitment process ensuring that the business hires the right interim manager at pace.

Transition management into permanent hire

At IXPA we see an employee leaving your organisation as an opportunity for the business to deliver an element of change whilst the recruitment process is progressing. Our transition management experts will take your business unit, division, operating company or group through the heavy lifting of change, whilst the business hires a permanent employee who is capable of leading the business for the medium and long term.

Interim Management

Our career interim managers are experts at delivering the objectives that drive transformation and change in an organisation. Interim managers can be used as a genuine alternative to the delivery capability of management consultants. They will create a tailored solution to solve your unique business issue and will continue to deliver the solution, utilising your internal staff and ensuring knowledge transfer and user acceptance. Once the assignment objectives have been delivered to your satisfaction the interim manager will hand over to the business and exit.

Our services include:

Change Management/Business Transformation

Filling Gaps


Project & Program Management