Change Management

What is Change Management?

Change management and business transformation are about successfully transitioning a company or business from a given status to a new status according to defined objectives. Change can be ‘soft’, slow or planned – such as upgrading an ERP system to a new version, establishing subsidiaries abroad or introducing Six Sigma in manufacturing. Change can also be ‘hard’, quick or unplanned – such as supply chain interruption due to weather or political upheaval, a hostile takeover bid, or the emergence of new competitors that change the rules of the market. Disruptive changes like the digitalisation of almost the whole economy and industry 4.0 have fundamental impacts.

Coping With Change

Successfully coping with change requires the use of all available know-how and resources, both inside and outside the organisation. Interim managers bring outstanding value to change and transformation processes. An interim chief digital officer (CDO) is a prime example.

Transformational Leadership

An executive interim manager or transition manager will add conceptual, methodological and procedural experience in change management situations. Like any consultant, both are professionals. But unlike a consultant, an interim manager will deliver transitional management solutions too.

Personal Responsibility

The interim manager will take personal responsibility for owning, driving and implementing the change – taking ownership for delivering outcomes through transition management rather than being on the side-lines.


Further advantages are that executive interim managers are costed in a way that the client controls. In addition, an experienced transition manager will only deliver the outcomes that have been agreed, there is no incentive for them to expand a brief once they have landed.

Objective Point of View

Not least, the interim manager is neutral relative to company policies, internal politics or established opinion. The interim partner is an experienced specialist who is used to dealing with complexity. They combine the business and market insight that is essential in change management and help you to think outside the box and truly achieve transformational change.

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