Filling Gaps

Filling Management Gaps

Leadership gaps arise for many reasons – from sudden illness or planned parenthood, to unexpected dismissal or a sabbatical. Bridging a management gap with an interim manager is the fast and flexible solution for vacant key positions.

Resource Gap

Filling jobs on a permanent basis can take longer than expected due to a lack of suitable candidates, notice periods or non-compete clauses. In this situation an immediate need can arise for an interim alternative who fills the position at least temporarily, and safeguards operational continuity until a permanent successor is found and can start working.

Fill Key Expertise

Interim management or the bridging of leadership gaps on an interim basis is an integral part of modern human resources management, and is usually facilitated by an experienced interim management provider. It helps sustain flexibility and consistency in a dynamic environment.

Operational Continuity

By utilising an executive interim management service, you gain time to find the perfect match for your permanent position. Pending tasks are dealt with in the meantime. There is no vacuum at the top and leadership is maintained. Quite often, difficult or unpleasant changes can be implemented before the permanent position holder takes over. This form of transformational leadership ensures that your new employee stays beyond the induction period.

Flexible Approach

Experienced interim managers need just a short time to familiarise themselves with the job, meaning they are at your disposal instantly and at full capacity. In many cases they are slightly overqualified and are experts in transitional management, so they can easily fill the gap and manage ongoing projects in parallel.

Leadership Gaps

In some cases, if all parties agree, there may be the option of turning an interim leadership gap assignment into a permanent placement.

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