M & A

Mergers and Acquisitions are often as challenging as they are exciting. In most cases they are distracting for the executive and leadership team. As M&A is always seen as high profile, poorly executed M&A activity can be detrimental to the company and its culture.

Leading a M&A Project

As an executive level interim management provider IXPA supplies executive interim managers and subject matter experts who have a successful track record of managing all aspects of M&A.

With deep transaction experience, they are skilled at interacting with all stakeholders including: executive board, professional services firms, senior management, employees, equity holders, debt holders, suppliers, customers and the general public.

Our Interim Managers will compliment your existing team often pulling them together with your chosen professional services firms to create a high performing delivery team.

Acquisition integration

An experienced post acquisition integration Interim Programme Director will devise the integration strategy and develop the 30, 60 and 90 day delivery plan.

With an emphasis on governance and risk management the Integration Programme Director will ensure that programme delivery is in line with the organisational risk policy and that the integration meets the expectations of the investors and executive board.

To deliver a successful integration our team of subject matter experts will be on hand to fill any skill set gaps across each functional area including IT, finance, operations, HR and supply chain.

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