Project Management

Professional project management - aside from the daily business - is among the core deployments for an executive interim manager or subject matter expert. Projects vary by focus (internal or external) and nature (short-term or strategic) and can take many forms, from ramping up a new plant or deploying an innovative R&D initiative to the implementation of new global processes or ERP systems.

Programme Management

What all projects have in common is the need for a professional, skilled project manager or programme director - someone who is not caught up in daily routine tasks but is fully available and focused on the desired multi-project outcome.

Our IXPA project and programme managers are highly qualified, well-organised, passionate and result-oriented. They understand what projects have in common with the strategic priorities of the business and being experienced interim managers they have the key stakeholder management skills to ensure successful delivery.

Change Agents

Project and program managers are change agents. They make project goals their own and use their skills and expertise to inspire a sense of shared purpose within the (virtual) project team. They enjoy the organised adrenaline of new challenges and the responsibility of driving business results.

They work well under pressure and are comfortable with change and complexity in dynamic environments. Project managers are experienced specialists that have cultivated the people skills needed to develop trust and communicate effectively. The interim manager's transformational leadership skills and experience ensure that key stakeholders are kept up to date with progress continually.

International Project Manager

IXPA project and programme managers have a broad and flexible toolkit of techniques that work internationally, resolving complex and often interdependent activities into tasks and sub-tasks that are properly documented, monitored and controlled.

Their transitional management experience allows them to adapt their approach to the context and constraints of each project, knowing that a tailored approach is preferable to a one size fits all style.

Project Management is Crucial

Professional interim project and program management is considered crucial in modern human resources management systems. As an international interim management provider we are experts at identifying interim project managers who can deploy the right transitional management solutions for your business.

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