Restructuring / Turnaround

Restructuring or managing turnaround situations requires special skills, experience and best practices that are unlikely to be found within an existing company's structure.

Leading a Turnaround Project

As an executive level interim management provider IXPA supplies senior level interim managers and interim experts who have a track record of managing such situations successfully.

With deep turnaround management experience, they are skilled at interacting with all stakeholders including: management, employees, equity holders, debt holders, suppliers, customers and the general public.

Chief Restructuring Officer

A chief restructuring officer (CRO) or interim turnaround manager doesn’t just suggest transitional management solutions - they deliver them. An experienced CRO will plan and execute improvements across the balance sheet including the re-negotiation of bank debt, improvement of cash flow, working capital management improvement and asset transfers including disposals.

The CRO will also deploy their transitional management skills across all cost and performance areas to achieve successful restructuring.

To deliver the restructure activities, the company’s existing senior management team stays focused on making day-to-day decisions although additional experienced interim managers may be required to ensure that any changes are consistent with the overall restructuring plan.

Turning a Business Around

IXPA CROs bring years of financial, operational and management experience to their roles in order to deliver lasting results. They are ready to step in and lead a turnaround project,  identifying all of a company’s options for a successful restructure.

Restructuring is often complex and requires a transition manager that can act quickly when evaluating the potential options that impact the overall value of the company. Hiring a chief restructuring officer is essential when an impartial expert is needed to advise the relevant stakeholders and get them to agree on the most appropriate course of action.

Performance Assured

Our interim management professionals balance urgency with seasoned judgment to formulate an achievable business plan which facilitates timely decisions whilst managing stakeholder expectations.

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