Post COVID-19 World: How are things changing and what role do Interim Managers have in the process to adapt to it?

An update with insights on what to expect next, how to manage the ever-changing market, and prepare for the new normal.

2020 is on the books as the year that pushed companies into switching the focus from traditional ways to technological development and versatility. While many companies had made their way into the digital space already, a great percentage of them were rapidly caught up by it and went through a reality check.

The lack of a skilled workforce, digital tools, and digital resources made it more difficult for many businesses to stay relevant, be able to remain open, and take care of their employees. Because the levels of uncertainty kept growing in a fast-paced market, the demand for specialist interim managers and independent consultants, from interim management specialists scaled to levels never seen before right after the crisis struck.

What we used to know as the norms, have become outdated methods and strategies that offer no results these days.

In-person vs. Digital

People don’t desire to spend time going to a physical store when they can easily click and submit an order to get anything delivered as soon as 2 hours after completing the purchase. The same audience that would stand in line for hours to buy a newly released item, no longer find the regular shopping experience as valuable or as safe anymore, and the digital space is now the go-to for whatever needs they have.

Social Distancing

For the big majority going out to public places for recreation is still a big deal, they want to use that vacation time doing things they enjoy and that they don’t get to do all year round. However, people are expecting businesses to comply with certain requirements before they make the decision to visit. Here is when innovation comes a long way, the space capacity cannot be filled 100%, tables have to be distanced from each other, menus have to be digital, workers, as well as visitors, have to wear a mask, your payment system has to be contactless, the temperature has to be checked before coming in, and you still have to make sure that the experience is still as good or even better than before. Thinking about this aspect, what is your business needing to do differently to stand up from competitors? Are you allowing people to make reservations through your own app? Can people accumulate rewards points after every visit that can later be redeemed online? What new technology are you using to make payments be contactless and less risky? Is there any specific service you need to replace for some other that offer the same without risking people?

These are the kind of questions you should be asking yourself about your business, and if there is no answer yet for any of these, think and act fast, it may be a good time to consider hiring an Interim Manager.

The Power of Marketing

Now that is clear that things are not the same, how are you staying in touch with your current customers to let them know what your business is doing? How are you managing your marketing tools and what are you doing differently with your marketing strategies to reassure people you are SAFELY open for business?

You want to make sure you are sending weekly promotional emails with discounts and promotions for specific holidays.

You have to constantly post updates on your social media profiles, is there an event happening? Do you have a special menu? Can people book a stay and get credit towards other stays in the future? Stay relevant to be easily discovered by potential new clients.

Is this still not a clear picture? Keep reading.

What is the definition of Interim Manager and how do you know you need one?

An interim manager is a highly skilled senior-level executive that has a proven track record of successes in a specific area, that is capable to assist companies in the transition process, allowing the changes to strategically take place without running into roadblocks. The interim manager is hired for a fixed amount of time to solve a specific problem within a business, and not only are they advisors, but they also take responsibility for identifying the right strategy and implementing it to guarantee results.

Interim Managers are specialists in an area and have experience of delivery within multiple sectors they are key to take businesses from point A to point B, faster and more efficiently.

If your business is needing to go through deep changes, like a restructure, or an update in operational processes, or is currently going through those changes, which require a higher level of expertise, and your team is not fully experienced, your best option is to hire an Interim Manager to assist you during the entire process.

Interim managers not only have senior experience in specific roles, but they are also great leaders and can help you get your global team to work in synergy and more efficiently.  

We are Interim Management Provider specialists, and we provide quality-tested Interim Managers that will be a perfect match for any type of challenging problem you may be facing. Our professional Interim Managers are also well-versed in the latest technologies, and their solutions are as innovative as the market requires.

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