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About us

IXPA – Global Executive Solutions

Independent Executives Worldwide
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Interim and transition management have grown to become strategic tools in human capital management. Increasing numbers of clients also look to their local interim and transition management provider to meet international needs. Cross-border and cross-continental assignments are on the rise. A successful provider must therefore professionally deliver both national and international solutions.

Our answer to that challenge we have built a business with 14 partners across 18 countries on 4 continents, who together deliver interim managers globally with the added advantage of local knowledge expertise, IXPA is a strong, experienced organisation pooling the individual capabilities of national providers in a global collaboration. We create added value for customers on the basis of trust, quality-assured processes and professionalism. Our focus is on the executive segment in interim management markets worldwide.

Our business is Partner led, ensuring superior local understanding of client needs, continuity and sustainability in the relationship, and the delivery of best-fit, results-oriented interim management solutions with excellent return on investment.

Key benefits for clients

Your key benefits from working with IXPA:

  • Access to top-flight interim executives and experts the world over.
  • Fulfilment of all local requirements, including laws, taxes, contracts, compliance and local business conditions such as language, culture, business contacts and networks.
  • Trusted partners who deliver proven quality.
  • Global approach combined with local execution.

Our aim:

  • To be the preferred partners to internationally operating clients seeking excellent interim managers or independent professionals.
  • To serve all functions, lines of business and industries at executive level, globally.