IXPA has 19 offices serving 29 countries across 5 continents, who together deliver interim managers globally with the added advantage of local knowledge expertise.  Each of our partners understands the corporate landscape and the statutory requirements of their country, in an international context. This enables them to deliver a highly personal and uniquely effective executive interim management consultancy service.

IXPA Interim Team

How IXPA Operates Globally

We work with clients as part of their team to source executive level interim managers who have the skills to solve specific issues and deliver the required results. You may already have a relationship with an IXPA partner who can be your single point of contact globally, or this could be the first time you have used IXPA as your interim agency, in which case we can put you in touch with your local country partner. They will work closely with you to source an interim manager with the right expertise for your project. Wherever your interim manager is based worldwide, as a global organisation we are able to invoice your business locally, complying to all national rules and regulations.

Who We Work With

Global businesses typically turn to IXPA when they are experiencing transformational change. This change can be planned change such as growth or transition management to improve results. It can also be change due to critical management situations, turnaround or restructuring.

Creating Your Project Brief

Our interim management consultants are experienced in understanding business requirements and responding to current needs. By asking a series of carefully structured questions, we can determine your immediate challenges and desired outcomes, and put together a detailed brief. This allows us to identify the most suitable interim candidate with a proven track record of delivering results in similar situations.

How we Charge for Providing an Interim Manager

We charge competitively and in a way that gives you control. For interim management assignments we present you with between one and three suitable interim managers. Each will have a daily rate clearly displayed on their CV and this is the price you pay plus business expenses.