Growth Strategies

Expanding your business internationally is one of the most promising and demanding growth strategies. The opportunities are vast if delivered by experienced specialists although the risks are not to be forgotten.

Differing Business Cultures

Management complexity increases due to the national variations in rules, regulations, cultures, languages, customs, values and ways of doing business – just to name a few.

Historically, many leaders believed that their current management 'know-how' could be easily transferred to other overseas cultures. In our experience, this could not be further from the truth. Only a company able to adapt to local variances will operate with a strong competitive advantage in foreign markets and thus in an international framework. 'think global, act local' remains as true as it’s always been.

We Have the International Experience

IXPA provides experienced interim managers with the international transformational leadership skills that translate locally. International experience is essential for successful expansion abroad and our interim managers can manage tasks along the entire value chain including: target market research, strategic planning, drawing up a roadmap, being the first person in the new market, finding channel partners or licensees, setting up key account management or a field sales force, establishing a production site, and dealing with local authorities.

True Internationalisation

Once a foreign operation is set up, other priorities begin to take over: adopting international standards in reporting and financial control that is fit for purpose both in-country as well as from a group perspective. Our understanding of transitional management solutions means that if you require a transitional manager to build a regional group or competence centre, or to restructure your existing activities, you can be assured that IXPA can provide the right resource.

Creating The Right International Business

Hardly any profession is better adjusted to the new global economy than the independent interim manager who has transitional management experience. They can successfully deliver special international project missions or traditional interim management in a cross-border situation.

The analytic tools available today are outstanding, but adaptation to local operations and variations in their deployment are what define success. This is what we refer to as contextual intelligence, a must-have for every IXPA interim manager in overseas operations.

We Are Global

The IXPA partners are specialist interim management providers offering executive interim management capability originating from more than 50 countries with operational experience in more than 100 countries across five continents.

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