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Since our establishment in 2008, we have been dedicated to supporting businesses at crucial moments in their operations. Our mission is distinct: we stand prepared to assist when important decisions need to be made, changes need to be implemented, and reorganization is necessary.

Over the years, Experts@YourBusiness has evolved from a renowned search and interim bureau into a versatile service provider. Our belief is that thorough research during company introductions, frequently produces unique insights, among other things, leading to the transformation.

Additionally, the need to support interim managers during their assignments and to reflect with them on the tasks has led to an expansion of our services. Facilitating transitions requires a multidisciplinary approach, which is why coaching and leadership are also crucial alongside interim management.

In addition to our present range of interim management services, we have become a leading provider of comprehensive solutions. We firmly believe that this broad approach enables us to offer the most effective solutions to our clients.

Our Offerings

Executive Interim Management: At Experts@YourBusiness, we maintain a network of highly experienced professionals with novel ideas who challenge the status quo. They work with an open mind and take action where necessary.

Our flexible managers are eminently qualified in broad areas of expertise such as Transfer of Ownership, Corporate Governance, Strategic Advice, Change Management, Mergers and Acquisitions, International Trade, Corporate and operational Finance, Human Resources, Business Development, Sales, Marketing, Communications, IT Management, Production, Engineering, Supply Chain Management and Logistics.

Consulting and Pragmatic Advice: Our experienced experts offer consulting and pragmatic advice with an open mind, drawing from their professional experiences across various organizations and industries, our experts serve as valuable sounding boards for solidifying your business goals. They provide guidance to shareholders and executives at both small, medium and large organisations.

Executive Coaching and Leadership Training: Our offer of executive coaching and leadership training helps individuals and teams to achieve their maximum potential. Our tailored programs focus on developing essential leadership skills, improving decision-making capabilities, and fostering a culture of continuous improvement within organizations.

Expertise and Customer Satisfaction: At Experts@YourBusiness, we take pride in our deep understanding of the field and our commitment to excellence. We place great value on thorough analysis of each assignment, maintain constant communication throughout the project, and strive for elevated level of customer satisfaction. Our goal is to exceed our customer expectations and deliver results that drive success.


Corinne Reynders

Managing Partner


Experts@YourBusiness bvba
Pegasuslaan 5
1831 Diegem/Brussels

m: +32 4952 87401
e:  [email protected]

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