Founded in 1994, AVILO is a company specializing in the operational management of companies, their growth development and increasing their performance and value; assisting with their strategic challenges and value creation initiatives. Its services focus mainly on restructuring and revitalization, crisis and interim management, mergers and acquisitions, integration and consolidation. Its mission is to accelerate customers performance and to create realistic prospects for their further development.

AVILO offers a multidisciplinary network of experts in all Central and Eastern Europe to professionally guide clients in the unleashing, expanding and leveraging of their existing potential. AVILO have built its reputation on the ability to optimise clients’ performance by introducing essential changes and by providing tailor-made solutions.

Ivan Oliva is graduated with a Ph.D. in business management and economics from the university of Prague. His career spans more than 30 years, initially as sales & marketing manager and progressing to senior executive positions in multinational pharmaceutical corporations and dental companies in Germany, Czech Republic and other countries in Central and Eastern Europe including Ukraine and Russia. He has been involved in restructuring, turnaround management and acquisitions. He worked as regional manager (Central Europe, Austria and Switzerland) for a leading global certification and inspection corporation, where he was responsible for organic growth and acquisitions. As CEO, he managed a large chemical manufacturing company as well as a major Czech hospital.

Dr Ivan Oliva

Dr. Ivan Oliva

Managing Director


Skochovicka 260
CZ-252 45 Zvole
Czech Republic

t: +420 731 611 611
e: [email protected]

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